> On 10 Apr 2018, at 17:24, Frank Heckenbach <f.heckenb...@fh-soft.de> wrote:
> Hans Åberg wrote:
>>> Don't forget to copy location.cc back to /usr/local/share/bison/.
>>> As I said, this file is the same between the old (C++03) and new
>>> (C++17) skeletons and therefore not included in my new skeleton.
>>> (You can also copy back stack.hh and lalr1.cc, if you want full
>>> support for extra_header_prefix with the old skeleton, but that's
>>> not required for the C++17 as those two files are overriden by
>>> "-c++1[17]" versions.)
>> Rename, if possible, all these patched files to location-c++17.cc,
>> stack-c++17.hh, etc, as they are not in the original distribution.
> I called it stack-c++11.hh because it only uses move (C++11), not
> variants (C++17).

Ah, I noticed, but did not realize where it came from.

> And I've explained why I didn't rename
> location.cc. If you disagree, please reply to those posts of mine.

You said it is the same, but 'patch' reported it patched, and it did not work 
with the original. So it should probably have a different name to avoid 
confusion with the original.

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