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Shahrukh Merchant wrote:
- Which version of software gets incorporated into a particular release
(LTS or not) of Linux? Or, as I speculated above, are the software
repository updates really independent (in their timelines) of the OS

I guess that by "Linux" you mean "a given distribution".

AFAICT, it all depends on the package maintainer of the base distribution of the "distribution" in question. For example, Ubuntu depends on Debian, which currently distributes ddrescue 1.23, and has the packaging of ddrescue 1.25 as a pending task (Mika, are you reading this?) ;-)

Note that (from the link above) Ubuntu seems to be distributing 1.23 also.

In fact, Debian updated (or skipped) ddrescue 1.22, which is a good thing because 1.22 is one of the few versions with a potentially serious error, as you can see in ddrescue-1.23/NEWS:

"A bug has been fixed that sometimes marked the wrong block as non-scraped when running in reverse direction. (Bug introduced in 1.22)."

Apart from the above, I really don't know how each distro works internally. Too many distros, too little time.

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