Shahrukh Merchant wrote:
> Mmm, OK. If I see the version column on the left at the *Debian* version
> tracker link indeed the current
> STABLE seems to be 1.23 and the previous stable 1.21 (and there is a "To Do"
> list that notes that 1.25 is available as you state).

Note that those labels of unstable, testing, stable, oldstable, refer
to the *Debian release suites* for the entire OS distribution and not
to the package upstream.

> And the link that Timothy provided
> shows that at least the Ubuntu
> 18.04LTS distribution has 1.22, unfortunately the one with the bug. But
> indeed that same page (clicking on "disco" and "eoan" respectively) shows
> that 19.04 and the current 19.10 (and I guess the upcoming 20.04LTS?) did in
> fact update to 1.23.

I think the information here might be useful to you as a Mint user,
which is downstream of Ubuntu.  There is extensive description of the
package release lifecycle.


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