David Morrison wrote:
So could I suggest that these terms be included in section 2 of the
manual, Basic Concepts.

Sure. Or in an overview section in the chapter 'Algorithm' itself.

I have tried to define the terms for my own use in a general way. Are
they correct?

Copying: Copies blocks, skipping those that return an error or are slow.
May skip way beyond the problem block to escape extended faults???


Trimming: For each skipped block, reads from the beginning and end by
sector to narrow down the range of faulty sectors. This can leave a
number of good sectors between the first and last bad sector.

Almost correct. The interior of the block is nor tried, therefore it can't leave (mark) good sectors between the first and last bad sector. The status of the parts of a block after trimming is this:


Scraping: Reads all the unread parts of the disk to attempt to recover
any good sectors not detected by trimming.


Retrying: Reads every bad sector multiple times in case it is possible
to recover some information from it.

Almost correct. Makes multiple passes along all the drive reading every bad sector once per pass.

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