jason laughman wrote:
I've been using ddrescue to try and recover a failing 2 TB HDD.  It's
been running for close to three weeks now and it's still only in pass 3
of copying. It's recovered all but about 32 GB, and at the rate it's
going I may just be willing to write that data off and/or regenerate it.
I'd be a lot more comfortable with that if I knew what files would be
affected, though.  What I would like to do is have it just finish where
it's at and mark everything non-tried as bad-sector, or give up a *lot*
quicker, and then use fill mode to try and figure out which files are
incomplete, as described in the documentation.  Is there a way to do

You can use fill mode to figure out which files are incomplete without having to mark anything as bad-sector and the such.

First stop ddrescue with Ctrl-C. Then fill all the non-finished areas in the destination partition like this:

ddrescue --fill-mode='?*/-' <(printf "NON-RESCUED-SECTOR ") /dev/sda2 copy_of_mapfile

It is best to use a copy of the mapfile for the fill to avoid changing the original mapfile, which would prevent ddrescue from continuing the rescue where it was interrupted (in case you wish to do that).

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