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Florian Sedivy wrote:
The necessary knowledge has to be brought by the user, as for
block-lists. After all an allocation bitmap is nothing more than an
alternative representation of a block-list. All the tools needed are
there already, for those who know what they are doing: offset, block size
and size. The only thing missing is "raw bitmap" or "binary" (optionally
little- or big-endian) as an alternative input and output format for
ddrescuelog's block-list.

I have just finished to implement your suggestion. It still needs some testing, but it will be present in the next version of ddrescue to be released in a week or so.

Ddrescuelog now can convert between mapfiles and bitmaps of blocks (big and little endian). The new option '-F, --format' has been added to ddrescuelog. It selects the input format for '--create-mapfile', or the output format for '--list-blocks' (list, bitmap, bitmap-be, bitmap-le).

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