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Radomír Tomis wrote:
When I try "sudo ddrescue -v /dev/sdb/ /dev/sdc logfile"

I get "no space left on device"

I asusme its something to do with the new disk, maybe having to copy/mount
in raw? please help.

Maybe the error is not about writing to sdc but about writing the logfile.

There would be no "Maybe the error is ..." in case ddrescue would provide
the source of the error (i.e. complete error diagnostics):

    ddrescue: /dev/sdc: Write error: No space left on device
    ddrescue: logfile: Write error: No space left on device

instead of just:

    ddrescue: Write error: No space left on device

This is not the case even in the latest version 1.25 (11 years thereafter).
It took me a while to figure out the real source of the problem.

Ddrescue 1.25 reports different diagnostics for outfile and mapfile:

ddrescue: Write error: No space left on device
Error writing mapfile 'mapfile': No space left on device

Moreover, an error writing to the mapfile is treated very differently from an error writing to outfile:


The error diagnostics is insufficient in lot of software, but I'd expect
ddrescue better than that.

I do not remember anybody reporting this problem clearly enough before. I have in the TODO list for ddrescue "replace show_error with show_file_error where adequate", but until now I didn't consider it a priority because it seemed clear to me that a write error causing an immediate exit implied outfile. Maybe I were wrong.

Anyway, thank you Antonio for such a great tool !

You are welcome.

The "Write error" diagnostic will show the name of outfile in the next version of ddrescue. Hope this is what you wanted.

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