Radomir Tomis wrote:
OTOH, talking about mapfile emergency save, I experienced (same recovery
session few days ago) the following problem with mapfile:

ddrescue ...
Timeout expired

ddrescue [exactly the same parameters, immediately after "Timeout expired"]
ddrescue: error in mapfile 'ddrescue.log', line 4736.

awk 'NR>= 4733&&  NR<= 4738 {print NR,$0} {next}'  ddrescue.log | cat -evt
4733 0x59A9320200  0x08FAFC00  /$
4734 0x59B22CFE00  0x00000200  -$
4735 0x59B22D0000  0x0BF90000  +$
4736 0x59BE260000  0x000000xCF87050000  0x00980000  ?$
4737 0xCF879D0000  0x00020000  *$
4738 0xCF879F0000  0x01310000  ?$

Like some problem for ddrescue to write out the mapfile completely/correctly.
The free space on the drive holding the mapfile was only ~44 kB (copying 1
TB *disk device* to 1 TB *file system*, you know ...), the mapfile itself
was ~134 kB.
But there was no "Error writing mapfile 'mapfile': No space left on device"

Thank you for reporting this.

I have no idea what can be the cause of the problem that you describe (a hole in the middle of the mapfile). Ddrescue writes the mapfile calling 'fprintf' in a loop, once per line, and checks the return value of 'fclose'. All I can do is making ddrescue also check the return value of each 'fprintf' in case the problem is a temporary failure of 'fprintf' that is not signaled at closing time.

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