Hello Chevy,

Chevy Bullido wrote:
During all these years, I've noticed that when cloning even healthy drives,
the cloning process freezes for a few seconds (6, 10, 14...) and after it
keeps going like nothing happened. Is this normal? Or is something that I'm
doing wrong?

It may be the interaction between caching and different speed of read and write. Maybe read is faster than write, the kernel caches writes until the write buffer is full. Then ddrescue has to wait in a write call until the cached data is written to the output device.

You may try direct access (-D, --odirect) to verify this:

  ddrescue -vD -P8 -f /dev/sdc /dev/sdd cloneTeresaFinal.log

Thank you for your time and for this amazing app

You are welcome. :-)


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