Hi Stephen,

Stephen -WowMaths wrote:
Thx for your ddrescue prog.

You are welcome. :-)

*Can you suggest how I fix error*
"*ddrescue: Bad or missing numerical argument*"
after running command
sudo ddrescue -d -o allow_root SDCARDmountPt SDcrdIMAGE SDcrdLOGMAP

I guess you are using an old version of ddrescue because latest ddrescue (1.27) prints a more informative message:

  ddrescue: 'allow_root': Bad or missing numerical argument in option '-o'.

The problem is '-o allow_root' because '-o' requires a numerical argument:

-o bytes
Starting position of the image of the rescue domain in outfile, in bytes. Defaults to --input-position. The bytes below bytes aren't touched if they exist and truncation is not requested. Else they are set to 0.

Removing '-o allow_root' should work and make a copy of the sd card (but I can't be sure if this is what you intend to do):

  sudo ddrescue -d SDCARDmountPt SDcrdIMAGE SDcrdLOGMAP

Hope this helps,

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