Thank you for your advice. I'll try it tonight.

   Best regards,


   10.08.2023, 16:14, "Antonio Diaz Diaz" <>:

     Dear Radule,
     Radule Soskic wrote:

      I am trying to rescue data from a damaged external HDD (WD Elements
      It is a MacOS disk, and I am using ddrescue v1.27 on Linux.

     It seems that the HDD (or the kernel) has entered an "error mode" in
     it is not returning any data and is taking much time to report each
     read error.
     I would stop ddrescue (with Ctrl-C), switch off the power to the
     HDD, wait
     some time, switch on the power again, check that the HDD is still
     as /dev/sdc, and finally run ddrescue again. Maybe this sequence
     would make
     the HDD to read data again. Cooling the HDD may also help.

      Should I interrupt the process? If so, what to do next? The image
      is smaller than the original disk, how can I repair it? Should I
      Mac first aid command, or fsck maybe?

     Ideally you should let ddrescue finish copying the HDD, then make a
     copy of
     the copy, and then try to repair this second copy (so that you can
     recopy it
     from the first copy if the repair goes wrong).
     Hope this helps.
     Best regards,

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