Zibri wrote:
I am writing you to inform you that I compiled ddrescue-1.25, 1.26 and
1.27 under cygwin.

Please note that 1.25 and 1.27 are also available as a package from the Cygwin distribution.

For some reason, 1.25 works but 1.26 and 1.27 give "Permission denied" error:
ddrescue: /dev/sdg1: Fatal error reading the input file: Permission denied
this does not happen in version 1.25.
What can I change to make it work?

The Linux raw device emulation of Cygwin directly maps to device path names of the NTDLL-layer including the permission checks enforced by Windows.
(Hint: The full NTDLL-layer is mapped to /proc/sys which allows raw access to volume shadow copies, decrypted images of VeraCrypt containers, etc.)

Are you sure that the difference appeared with the same device behind /dev/sdg1 and ddrescue is run as administrator in all cases?

Windows allows raw R/O access to certain partitions (/dev/sdg1) on USB flash drives without admin rights. The full device /dev/sdg and other device types always require admin rights.

If Bitlocker is used on this partition, /dev/sdg1 is only accessible if the partition is unlocked. Then the decrypted image of the partition could be read. The full raw device /dev/sdg is always accessible, LBA ranges of Bitlocker partitions are (of course) read in their original encrypted form then.


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