Antonio Diaz Diaz wrote:
Christian Franke wrote:
The problem is that no errno is offered for "unspecified" errors

IMHO the problem is the existence of "unspecified" errors. Ddrescue needs that the system returns 2 different kinds of errors: non-fatal (temporary or affecting just a sector, for example) and fatal (permanent, like EACCES "Permission denied").

If the system returns a fatal error code for a non-fatal error, ddrescue quits prematurely.

If the system returns a non-fatal error code for a fatal error, ddrescue marks the rest of the drive as "bad-sector" and rescues nothing.

and interestingly also not for "media changed".

Maybe ESTALE could be used for "media changed".

Further experiments and comparison with Linux behavior suggests that ENODEV is a reasonable mapping. See related upstream commit:;a=commitdiff;h=4af5f9d


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