Hi Shigio

I played with the gtags_hook and managed to generate a file list with the
help of rsync(1), so I can take full advantage of the powerful syntax of
its --exclude-from option. This works quite well as a proof-of concept
generic hook script, that could be installed systemwide.
However, I am not entirely happy from a usability perspective. In
particular it would be helpful to have the hook know about all active
command line options, even those passed in by GTAGS_OPTIONS (e.g. for
determining the -f parameter). This doesn't seem possible at the moment, as
the hook script is executed rather early, before options processing has
started. Perhaps GTAGS_OPTIONS should be set to the effective list of
options by gtags before calling the hook.

Another, losely related, issue popped up in testing this: When I make an
effort to provide a list of files to scan (rather than gtags searching the
directory), then a user could expect that this list not further mangled
with. While the skip interaction is documented under ‘skip’, I think this
as well as the --accept-dotfiles option deserve to be mentioned in the
‘gtags.files’ description.

Many thanks
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