On Thu, Feb 01, 2018 at 06:21:46PM -0700, Michael Petch wrote:
> Philippe,
> I wonder if a debug build where assertions are turned on might be useful
> here? I could do such a build and make it a development release.

I don't know. It couldn't hurt but I'm afraid it would take some luck to 
get useful informations from only that.

What would really help, IMHO, would be if someone who faces this crash 
was familiar enough with msys/mingw to start the program from gdb and 
see what happens there. I couldn't reproduce the problem and I suppose 
you don't either.

For now, the most useful information is the trace file attached to bug 
#52825 that seems to show that the crash is in the GL initialization, 
after loading the fonts but before loading the textures.

A further, more accurate, report probably could be obtained by using 
this tool: https://github.com/dtrebilco/glintercept. I checked it and 
have a log of the expected calls sequence.

At this stage we could add assertions or other debugging code between 
the last good call and the first missing one, or maybe the bug will 
stand out.
> On 2018-01-31 07:23, Norbert Jünke wrote:
> > Hi Guys,
> > when I would start Backgammon 1.06.001, then I can here a little bit
> > from the starting melody, and an error window is popping up:
> > 
> > 
> > I use Win7 / 64.
> > 
> > Do you have an idea, what can I do?
> > 
> > PS: Version 1.05.xxx works correct.
> > 
> > Thanks in advance
> >

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