On 2018-02-02 14:16, Philippe Michel wrote:
> This is not necessarily the cause of the crashes, but this is 
> unexpected. I don't think there is anything in the (limited) changes 
> between 1.05 and 1.06 to this part of the code to deliberately do this. 
> This must be a side effect of something else.

Had we gone to a whole different build environment with newer libraries
and such (or different compiler) I might have tended to believe it was
something external to our code that was the cause. I have a hunch that
somehow this bug came about by changes in our code. It may have been a
bug all along but somehow shifted and presents itself this way.

When I have a chance this weekend I'm going to look at the MacOS builds.
Why? I happened to notice with the latest code - in the pop up boxes
when changing 3D boards that there are OpenGL errors that weren't
present previously. I wonder if the MacOS GL warning are related to the
Windows issues. Maybe the same, maybe different.

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