Hello, I'm learning playing on your proggram GNU Backgammon. Good job
this is Really good proggram for using. I have a question to you:
   -I am thinking that I am not rightly setting up proggram.
   -if it is not hard to do for you, please help me to correctly set up
this proggram.

   When I am setting up a difficult of game on "Grand Master" mode, after
that I am pressing button (CHANGE), after that I dont know how to set up
movements layer.
for example: - 1ply - 2ply - 3ply - 4ply.
   P.s. Let us know is there in that programm specific settings which we
dont know how to set up.

   Please let me know how to set up everything on sure, that will work to
set the proggrams gameplay mode maximally difficult.

   Thanks for Answer.

   with respect Gela Devadze.
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