There are no free distros based on OpenSuse that is why it is not listed; hence the subtitle "icecat package status for non-free GNU/Linux distros (used to make free GNU/Linux distros)"

On 2017-08-09 00:37, jc_gargma wrote:
I don't see openSUSE Leap/Tumbleweed mentioned.
IceCat has a database entry, but there are no packages in the official repos.

IceCat for Replicant

Planned by the IceCat developer(s).

Background to the intervention: IceCatMobile cannot run on Replicant:
"Firefox 52 has an opengl 2.0 dependency which replicant can't do
because it requires nonfree software (at least on the galaxy s3, which
is the best phone choice for replicant afaik)." - Ian Kelling
Is this a problem even when using llvmpipe on Replicant 6.0001?




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