Hans Aberg <hab...@math.su.se> writes:

> It seems guile-1.8.7 does not admit dynamic library file name
> extensions .dylib, but only .so, on Mac OS X (tried 10.5.8. PPC G4),
> despite the manual saying guile should adapt to local standards. The
> example in the manual sec. 4.2.1 works fine with
>   gcc -dynamiclib -lguile -o libguile-bessel.so bessel.c
> but not if changed to libguile-bessel.dylib, giving the error within
> guile:
>   standard input:2:1: file: "libguile-bessel", message: "file not
> found"

The abstraction over file name extensions is handled by Libtool’s
libltdl, used in ‘libguile/dynl.c’.  Which version of Libtool/ltdl are
you using?  Did you try adding the directory where the ‘.dylib’ is to


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