On 30 Jan 2010, at 20:30, Andy Wingo wrote:

It seems guile-1.8.7 does not admit dynamic library file name extensions
.dylib, but only .so, on Mac OS X (tried 10.5.8. PPC G4)

I think your example shold work, but it's something that's totally
handled by libltdl. Are you using the latest libltdl?

I have now update to latest
  libtool --version
  ltmain.sh (GNU libtool) 2.2.6b
and the README says that libltdl should be a part of it; however, I just made an install of the libtools package. I also re-unpacked guile-1.8.7, and './configure && make && make install'.

There is no change: .dylib fails; .so works.

Note also that libltdl's error messages often aren't the most
appropriate, due to another bug:


This (often) makes all failures come out as "file not found".

Since it works if I change to .so, it seems to only be that file name problem.

So try using a newer libltdl, and if that fails, bug-libt...@gnu.org is
probably the place to go.

Ah - list chasing. :-)


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