Ricardo Wurmus <ricardo.wur...@mdc-berlin.de> writes:

> ng0 <n...@we.make.ritual.n0.is> writes:
>> Without adding all of the off-ticket/list email I got: the failure is
>> very likely caused by /gnu/store being on a separate partition.
> What makes you say this is “very likely” the cause?

I summarized the email I got offlist, I should've written this before I
started summarizing it.
'Very likely' was not my own finding. This is a case of Gentoo/Guix I
can not debug. For vanilla amd64_x86 systems my guix ebuild works. I
haven't tried the guix-binary ebuild yet (lynX did some finishing
touches) but this should behave the same.

> I have no problems having /gnu on an NFS share on a remote fileserver
> with guix-daemon running on a separate server.
> ~~ Ricardo

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