ng0 <> writes:

> Ricardo Wurmus <> writes:
>> ng0 <> writes:
>>> Without adding all of the off-ticket/list email I got: the failure is
>>> very likely caused by /gnu/store being on a separate partition.
>> What makes you say this is “very likely” the cause?
> I summarized the email I got offlist, I should've written this before I
> started summarizing it.
> 'Very likely' was not my own finding. This is a case of Gentoo/Guix I
> can not debug.

That’s okay, but I’d like to know what makes this the likely cause.  Has
this behaviour been reproduced on another machine?

As Guix has no problems with a store on a different partition I don’t
know if it makes sense to keep this bug report open.  I cannot reproduce
this on my machines.

~~ Ricardo

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