Marius Bakke <> writes:

> Ricardo: Can you post the output of `find /sys/firmware/efi -maxdepth 1`
> on the affected machine?  With luck, we'll find a variable that is only
> present on "real" EFI.
> Can you also post the contents of '/sys/firmware/efi/runtime'?

Now that I have GuixSD installed on that machine I don’t have
/sys/firmware/efi at all.  /sys/firmware contains “acpi”, “dmi”, and
“memmap” only.

The problem occurred when I tried to install GuixSD (after booting from
a GuixSD installer USB drive), not when reconfiguring.  I don’t have a
USB drive with me at the moment, so I cannot check the contents of
/sys/firmware in the installer GuixSD now.


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