Olaf Buddenhagen <olafbuddenha...@gmx.net> writes:

> The FSF doesn't actually require assignments for gnumach -- almost all
> of gnumach is foreign code without FSF copyright anyway...

Thank you.  I had assumed that the old Mach code was
grandfathered in, and that the FSF would require copyright
assignments for any new additions.  I now see that the files
under xen/public/ were added with non-FSF copyright notices in

What does the FSF require for GNU Mach patches, then?
A license grant and a signed employer disclaimer, perhaps?
I assume a dual license under GPLv2-or-later and the "MIT License"
(the same terms as in xen/public/COPYING) would be acceptable.
(Unlike the BSD licenses, this one does not distinguish between
source code and binary.)

Does the same policy apply to MIG as well?

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