Hey Kent and Dave!

Kent, congrats on getting bcachefs into Linux-next! That's pretty awesome. I 
think you have bcachefs working via FUSE right? Does it work well on FUSE? 

Dave I am emailing you as well, because Kent seems to think that you are a 
seriously good filesystem developer yourself. Is it ok if I pick your brain a 
little bit too?

It seems to me that Kent and Dave are probably on the leading edge for 
filesystem implementation/research and sheer determination! Do you think we 
could use bcachefs (or XFS) on the Hurd (we have a somewhat working FUSE 
implementation)? What sort of advice would you give the Hurd people for 
improving our current filesystem (The hurd uses ext2). 

Also, I know that Kent really likes rust. Would you recommend new filesystems 
to use rust? We actually just got rust ported to the Hurd! woot!

Joshua Branson

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