On Tue, Sep 26, 2023 at 02:58:54PM +0300, Sergey Bugaev wrote:
> Hello,
> > > > I've started on a fuse port for bcachefs - if you're interested, I'd
> > > > happy to spend some time looking at it with you and sketching out what
> > > > needs to be done next.
> > >
> > > Sure that sounds like boat loads of fun!  I'm on Eastern standard time.
> > > And I am normally free in the mornings.  Monday - Friday.  May we make
> > > this a conference call and invite other Hurd developers to join in?  It
> > > will probably be a better discussion, if we do that.
> If you're doing this, I'd like to participate, if that'd be OK. (I am
> an occasional Hurd contributor.) Not expecting to add a lot to the
> discussion since I'm not really a file systems developer, but maybe
> some of my Hurd knowledge will be useful.
> Samuel won't be able to make it, unfortunately.
> > Sure. If you want to set something up this week I can make some time,
> > anywhere between Wednesday and Friday - after that I'll be pretty busy
> > for the next few weeks.
> Any of those days would work for me, and morning EST also sounds good.
> Which software are you going to use?

Could you go ahead and schedule it and send out invites? I can host a
google meet meeting if that works for everyone.

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