Section 9.4 "Unresolved dlopen problems" is a bit confusing because in fact all the problems mentioned are solved by libltdl. Since libltdl is supplied with libtool, I'm not sure how it's useful to continue to describe these problems, at least in this way.

There are some other historical knots in the documentation: "On some platforms, whose dynamic linkers are too limited for a simple implementation of `libltdl' services, it requires GNU DLD", yet if you go to the GNU DLD page, it says it has been deprecated in favour of libtool.

Also, in section 9.2 of the libtool manual, there are references to a type and variable which are declared in ltdl.h, before libltdl has even been mentioned.

I wonder if it might be worth removing section 9 of the manual, incorporating whatever bits continue to be useful as technical footnotes to section 10? Then, programmers are encouraged to use the most high-level and advanced features of libtool (i.e. libltdl) first, rather than finding their way there via the older features; or at least reverse the order of these two sections, so that readers learn about libltdl first.

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