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I'm not top posting.

I'm having a strange problem with the latest LilyPond in Frescobaldi
crashing with a nonsense return code (-1073741819). Unfortunately it only
happens on a rather large file and I haven't been able to produce a tiny
example. Is there any way I can get more data on this?

Hi Mark,

"Me too!". This is really a annoying bug because it apparently pops up for
me only when a source file becomes a certain size. It's inconvenient for me not to work in Windows, partly because I like to use the IDE 'Frescobaldi'.

I assume given the lack of further discussion here you weren't able to find a tiny example? I raised what I think is this same issue some time back, and had difficulty getting a dev to reproduce the problem -- apparently many of
them run *nix systems rather than Windows.


It's _possible_ you're running out of memory. Can you watch what's happening with memory in Task Manager?

I use Windows mainly, but note that the use of Frescobaldi is not a reason for only using Windows. It runs on Mac and Linux as well.

Phil Holmes

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