ChrisYate <> writes:

>> I'm not top posting.
>> I'm having a strange problem with the latest LilyPond in Frescobaldi
>> crashing with a nonsense return code (-1073741819). Unfortunately it only
>> happens on a rather large file and I haven't been able to produce a tiny
>> example. Is there any way I can get more data on this?
> Hi Mark,
> "Me too!".

The mail you are replying to is 15 weeks old, so "latest LilyPond" does
not match "Me too!".  Please try being more exact with your version
numbers.  In particular, there were a few fixes with regard to failed
assertions or segfaults rather recently.  So it is very important to
know whether you are using 2.19.48 or rather earlier versions.

David Kastrup

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