As per LSR I have lilypond code that 
creates a colored version of music and lyrics. This used to work fine with 
Lilypond 2.19.50. I recently tried 2.19.65 and there it failed. The LyricHyphen 
is no longer colored. I managed to trim it down to the changes of Lilypond 

In the attachents a working example of the applied coloring logic, with the 
resulting (PNG) output for Lilypond 2.19.56 and 2.19.57

Don’t have an environment to make a git bisect on this one, but looking through 
the version history I dug up a first suspect:;a=commitdiff;h=2dc76513c4edb8e18e6170069677eb0dd9b54209

Expected result: all music and lyrics are red
Observed result as of 2.19.57: All music and lyrics except for the LyricHyphen 
are red

kind regards,
Hans Aikema

Description: Binary data

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