Hans Aikema <hans.aik...@aikebah.net> writes:

>> On 8 Aug 2017, at 15:45, Hans Aikema <hans.aik...@aikebah.net> wrote:
>> As per LSR http://lsr.di.unimi.it/LSR/Item?id=443 I have lilypond
>> code that creates a colored version of music and lyrics. This used
>> to work fine with Lilypond 2.19.50. I recently tried 2.19.65 and
>> there it failed. The LyricHyphen is no longer colored. I managed to
>> trim it down to the changes of Lilypond 2.19.57
>> In the attachents a working example of the applied coloring logic,
>> with the resulting (PNG) output for Lilypond 2.19.56 and 2.19.57
>> Don’t have an environment to make a git bisect on this one, but
>> looking through the version history I dug up a first suspect:
>> http://git.savannah.gnu.org/gitweb/?p=lilypond.git;a=commitdiff;h=2dc76513c4edb8e18e6170069677eb0dd9b54209
>> Expected result: all music and lyrics are red
>> Observed result as of 2.19.57: All music and lyrics except for the 
>> LyricHyphen are red
>> kind regards,
>> Hans Aikema
>> <Lilypond 2.19.56.png><Lilypond 2.19.57.png><sample-01.ly>
> Sorry, forgot to check open issues…. already registerd as bug# 5110

Which has a patch in a comment.  Sigh.  Anybody want to chaperone it?

David Kastrup

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