On 07.04.2018 13:42, Andrew Bernard wrote:
given that when there are
non-empty objects present it does not appear to arise. is it simply an
'academic' corner case of purely theoretical interest?

It happens in intermediary stages of work. I stumbled upon the problem when I started engraving a new piece by setting up this:

global = {
  \time 3/8
  \key f \major
  \bar "||"
  \time 2/2
  \set Timing.currentBarNumber = 1
  \bar "|."

and then combining it with the first couple bars of music, to be surprised by the extraordinarily long compile time. So I don’t think it’s a contrived example, and since I do think this is a useful workflow, it would certainly help to make LilyPond compile this faster.

Best, Simon
PS. Bonus points for guessing the piece ;-)

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