What would be best way by using the mailutils to
get only the email address from the From: header
by using pipe and not a file?

I think that either frm or from shall have the
option to parse the standard input instead of
default folder, so to be able to see From: email
address from a pipe.

Then I can use Mutt when reading emails with more
professional solution than I have it now with my
own parsing.

Parsing From: email address on pipe is then
enabling me to:

- enter the TO-DO item into database just by
  clicking one link as by email address the person
  is found in the database, and subject can be
  used as TO-DO subject

- it allows me to add new skills to recruitment
  candidates based on their email address.

From: may contain some special characters and I
just guess it is better for me to use some
built-in function in mailutils then messing up
with parsing it myself, like I do it now.

If it exists, let me know.

Jean Louis

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