Hi Jean,

> What would be best way by using the mailutils to
> get only the email address from the From: header
> by using pipe and not a file?

Please find attached the source file ef.c and makefile ef.mk.
To build: make -f ef.mk
Usage: (something) | ef
   or: ef < INPUT

#include <mailutils/mailutils.h>

main (int argc, char **argv)
  int rc;
  mu_message_t msg;
  mu_header_t hdr;
  struct mu_address hint;
  mu_address_t addr;
  char *val;
  char const *email;

  mu_stdstream_setup (MU_STDSTREAM_RESET_NONE);
  MU_ASSERT (mu_stdio_stream_create (&mu_strin, MU_STDIN_FD,
  mu_set_program_name (argv[0]);
  mu_registrar_record (mu_mbox_record);

  MU_ASSERT (mu_stream_to_message (mu_strin, &msg));
  MU_ASSERT (mu_message_get_header (msg, &hdr));
  rc = mu_header_aget_value_unfold (hdr, MU_HEADER_FROM, &val);
  if (rc == MU_ERR_NOENT)
    return 1;
  memset (&hint, 0, sizeof hint);
  rc = mu_address_create_hint (&addr, val, &hint, MU_ADDR_HINT_DOMAIN);
  if (rc)
      mu_error ("can't parse address %s: %s", val, mu_strerror (rc));
      return 1;
  MU_ASSERT (mu_address_sget_email (addr, 1, &email));
  mu_printf ("%s\n", email);
  return 0;

CPPFLAGS=`mailutils cflags`
LIBS=`mailutils ldflags mbox`
ef: ef.c
	cc $(CPPFLAGS) $(CFLAGS) -oef ef.c $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS)

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