Follow-up Comment #3, bug #47399 (project make):

> This is the way make has always worked

See the notes in the sample makefile: make and dmake both work fine; gmake
fails.  It might be the case that gmake has always had this issue; that is an
incompatibility with make.

> you can change your "include baz" line to "-include" or "sinclude"

No, I cannot; that would cause the makefile to be non-portable, i.e. it would
no longer work with make, dmake, bmake,...

> you can move the "include baz" line into the "bar" makefile

Maintenance issues, see the notes in the attached makefile.
Note also that the sample makefile is just that; a brief example that
demonstrates the issue.  Typical cases such as the one where
this gmake incompatibility with make occur involves more than a dozen files,
several of which are built, with include directives
in one file except for the include directive in the main makefile, which
includes the file containing the other include directives (intentionally, for
ease of maintenance).

> [g]make's if conditionals [...] filtering MAKEFILE_LIST

More non-portable stuff.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing the enhancement. Thanks.


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