Follow-up Comment #7, bug #58979 (project make):


I've attached my makefiles.  I have some additional data:

1. Per your suggestion, I ran with '-n.'  It revealed nothing interesting.

2. I captured the output from the entire build process and scanned it for make
warnings/errors.  There were none.  I intentionally whacked a file and
verified that I got the "Waiting for unfinished..." message.

3. I modified my automation scripts to run without '-j', then let it run on a
few dozen machines of varying distro, architecture, core counts, virtual
machines, etc.  I got no make failures on any machine.  (Unfortunately, I
can't really perform the inverse test.  This is an automated test lab, and I
can't bring it down, at least intentionally.  :-)

I like your idea of pointing me at a place where I can insert a test/message
in the code.  I haven't looked at the code at all.  But if there's a way to
build it with debug support, or instrumentation, I can easily do that.

Thanks for your help!

-Dave Hefner

(file #49695)

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