Follow-up Comment #10, bug #57751 (project make):

I forgot my main point, which was: whether or not $@ is "traditionally"
allowed to appear in the prerequisites list makes no difference in this
situation.  Even if it were, that functionality couldn't be used here else the
$@ would expand to the target, which in this case is .SCCS_GET so it's not
what you want.

It's clear that if the command is provided as prerequisites to the target then
the entire thing must be handled as a special case.

However, looking at the spec this is all moot because, indeed, the rule quoted
below is a typo in the spec.

The text of the spec makes very clear that it's the _commands_ of this special
target that specify the rule:

> The application shall ensure that this special target is specified without
prerequisites. If this special target is included in a makefile, the commands
specified with this target shall replace the default commands associated with
this special target (see Default Rules). The commands specified with this
target are used to get all SCCS files that are not found in the current


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