Summary: Deterministic $@ for grouped targets patch
                 Project: make
            Submitted by: toddlowe
            Submitted on: Thu 18 Feb 2021 06:42:02 PM UTC
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My team currently uses a macro that expands to multiple rules as a way to
simulate a rule with multiple targets.  I would like to use grouped-targets
instead, but like others, have discovered that $@ referring to the target that
triggered execution rather than a specific target from the list makes it
difficult to use.

I have had a look at
[bug #57898] Automatic variable for all targets on grouped target
[bug #58845] In would be nice to have "$&" expand to all targets in a grouped
But they refer to a way to get all targets rather than a deterministic way to
always get a “primary target”.

For my use case, I would like $@ to always expand to a specific target from
the grouped list, similar to how $< is always the first prereq.  I’m not a
fan of non-backwards compatible changes, but due to the way grouped-targets
works,  I think this change makes $@ more useful and allows it’s behaviour
to be more consistent between regular recipes and grouped-target recipes. 

I’ve attached a patch that causes $@ for grouped-targets to always be the
first target from the list plus changes to the test suite for the new

Matching the prereq behaviour of having variables for first, trigger, and all
seems cleaner than requiring recipes to extract a target from the entire list
so I am also considered adding $& for all a new $! to represent the triggering

Since my current need is only for $@ to consistency return a specific target,
that is what I have implemented and want to share.    

In order to not force this behaviour change on multi-target pattern rules, I
ended up adding a “grouped_target” file flag and only apply my change if
it is set.  I didn’t want to add an extra flag, but other attempts at
excluding pattern-rules quickly became messy.


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Date: Thu 18 Feb 2021 06:42:02 PM UTC  Name:
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By: toddlowe



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