Dmitry Goncharov (5 July 2022 01:42) wrote (inter alia):
> 2. Causes all prerequisites to be second expanded in the same order
> they are being built.

Really ?  I would have expected the order to be the exact reverse of the
order of building:

src = main.c
hdr = lib.h
prog: $$(src); $(CC) -o $@ $<
main.c: $$(hdr)

surely has to evaluate $$(src) to discover that prog depends on main.c,
and only after it's discovered that will it evaluate $$(hdr); but if
there were a rule to make main.c from lib.h that rule would be evaluated
before the rule for prog.

> This fixes byte order dependent order of second expanding
> prerequisites. See sv 62175.

That, at least, should be the case either way.


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