On Tue, Jul 5, 2022 at 5:19 AM Edward Welbourne <edward.welbou...@qt.io> wrote:
>>  I would have expected the order to be the exact reverse of the
>> order of building:

Dmitry Goncharov (5 July 2022 14:29) replied:
> i guess, an example will make it more clear.
> $ cat makefile
> all: hello.tsk bye.tsk
> hello.tsk: $$(info 2nd expansion of prereqs of $$@); $(info $@)
> bye.tsk: $$(info 2nd expansion of prereqs of $$@); $(info $@)

ah, right - between prerequisites at a given depth, second-expansion now
happens in the same order as execution of their rules, fair enough.  I
was thinking of the fact that, if you'd started with

all: $$(info 2nd expansion for all) hello.tsk bye.tsk; echo built both

then its info would appear first, although its rule would be run last.
I suppose that's unchanged by this patch, though,


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