Oh, there _is_ a bug.  Compare what the documentation says, with a bit 
   of variable expansion that I did to show the bug (between parentheses):

   Documentation says:

          Should normally be */usr/local*

          Should normally be */usr/local/var*
          But write it as *$prefix/var* (= /usr/local/var; OK)

          Should normally be */var/run*
          But write it as *$localstatedir/run* (=  $prefix/var/run)
                                               (=  /usr/local/var/run)
                                               (!= /var/run; NOK)

   Do you realize the bug now?

This is intended and not a bug, "should normally" doesn't mean that it
is, or must be.  *You* are _supposed_ to pass the right thing for your
system, the defaults are (i.e. localstatedir = runstatedir) is to make
it easy for people just doing a "default" install, but if your system
has someting else, you need to modify it (i,e., the 'should be').

So not a bug, but intended behaivour.

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