So you're saying that "should normally be" doesn't mean the "the
   default value should normally be", but rather that "commonly,
   people use".

Right, the _default_ value depends on _your_ system.  On some systems,
it is one thing, and on other it is something else.

Which is why "you" (you in the sense, you or your distribution) should
have a that specifies the correct thing for your system.

   So maybe you would like to change it to something like:

   This should normally be /var/run, but the default value should be 
   /usr/local/var/run, but write it as $(localstatedir)/run

   Or even omit any reference to /var/run, which is just misleading, and say:

   This should normally be /usr/local/var/run, but write it as 

   Makes sense?

Not at all, since we really want it to be /var/run not something else,
but the default is different.  So we want it to be /var/run, but it is
set to localstatedir/run for "special" reasons.

   I don't see why we would like to mention /var/run here if we don't 
   mention for example /etc (we mention /usr/local/etc).

Because for "locally" installed software, the location is
/usr/local/etc -- not /etc.  /var/run is special.

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