Paul Smith wrote:
> I've tried a couple of times, using different instructions (VirtualBox
> and vanilla KVM) and every time when it starts to boot the first time
> (after selecting this install) it prints:
>   ...
>   module 0: initrd $(ramdisk-create)
>   rd0: 13279232 bytes @fa4910000
>   module 1: ext2fs ...
>   module 2: exec $(exec-task=task-create)
>   3 multiboot modules
>   task loaded: ext2fs ...
>   zip:device:rd0
>   task loaded: exec
>   start ext2fs: _
> and hangs there.

In my instructions for GNU/Hurd in 2020 I had noted
  Disable 'Nested paging', otherwise it DOES NOT BOOT!

So, maybe it's worth looking at the main parameters of the VirtualBox VM:
  - General: Operating System: Other/Unknown
  - System: Motherboard: *Disable* all extended features (I/O APIC, EFI)
  - System: Processor: *Disable* all extended features (PAE/NX, Nested VT-x)
    [The latter is what I meant above.]
  - System: Paravirtualization Interface: You can try different values
    than 'Default'.

Do you have other VirtualBox VMs that work? If not, i.e. if you get problems
also with other OSes as guests, I would verify that VT-x/AMD-V is enabled in


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