Paul Smith wrote:
> > In other words, on GNU/Hurd, one should use 'glob' and 'globfree',
> > not 'glob64' and 'globfree64'. Even though the libc is glibc and
> > support for large files (> 2 GiB) is enabled.
> > 
> > The culprit seems to be the file.
> As far as I can tell from the logging you sent, GNU make has correctly
> detected that the system library is glibc and so it will not use any
> part of the internal globbing library, including the file.
> In other words, there should be no glob.h file in the GNU make build
> directories and the glob.h that read.c includes should be the system
> glob.h, and there will be no glob.o added to the libgnu.a library.

You're entirely right.

> If I'm right, then the error you're seeing must come from the system's
> glob implementation, somehow.

Yes. Reported as a glibc bug:


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