On Tue, 2023-03-21 at 12:52 +0000, Costas Argyris wrote:
> When trying from git, which was my first attempt, I was getting
> compilation warnings which were turning themselves into errors,
> so I never managed to build.
> When I used the sources extracted from the tarball though, this
> simply wasn't the case so I was able to cross-compile just fine.

FYI when you build from Git, the "maintainer mode" is enabled by
default.  This includes extra runtime checks which make "make" slower,
and it also includes extreme compiler warning options, and also adds
the -Werror to turn those into failures (when you're using autotools).

You can disable this mode, even when compiling from Git, if you need
to.  Instructions for building from Git should be available in the
README.git file (this is only part of a Git checkout, it's not
available in the release).

However as Eli says it's usually not a big deal to apply patches from a
source release, to the Git repository ourselves.

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