I think I discovered a fault in the mixasm program. I am trying to compile
a very short program using mixasm, version 1.2.10. The program is

TERM    EQU    19          the MIX console device number (5)
        ORIG   3000        start address                 (6)
START   OUT    MSG(TERM)   output data at address MSG    (7)
        HLT                halt execution                (8)
MSG     ALF    "MIXAL"                                   (9)
        ALF    " HELL"                                   (10)
        ALF    "O WOR"                                   (11)
        ALF    "LD   "                                   (12)
        END    START

When I launch mixasm, the program stucks without printing anything.
Writing even shorter program, I get errors such "invalid expression"
on the line where the END instruction is.

I am using Debian 10 on a virtual machine. I rest at your disposition
for further information.

Kind regards,

Bertulli Alessandro

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