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On Fri, Nov 08 2019, Alessandro Bertulli wrote:

> Hello,
> I think I discovered a fault in the mixasm program. I am trying to compile
> a very short program using mixasm, version 1.2.10. The program is
> TERM    EQU    19          the MIX console device number (5)
>         ORIG   3000        start address                 (6)
> START   OUT    MSG(TERM)   output data at address MSG    (7)
>         HLT                halt execution                (8)
> MSG     ALF    "MIXAL"                                   (9)
>         ALF    " HELL"                                   (10)
>         ALF    "O WOR"                                   (11)
>         ALF    "LD   "                                   (12)
>         END    START
> When I launch mixasm, the program stucks without printing anything.
> Writing even shorter program, I get errors such "invalid expression"
> on the line where the END instruction is.

i'm using also debian, and can compile that program without much

   ~/tmp$ mixasm foo.mixal 
   foo.mixal:0: warning: undefined symbol: halt
   (1 warning(s))

the warning is harmless (strictly speaking, comments go after operands,
and HLT doesn't have any): i can also execute the output foo.mix file
using mixvm:

    ~/tmp$  mixvm foo.mix
    Program loaded. Start address: 3000
    MIX> run
    Running ...
    MIXAL HELLO WORLD                                                     
    ... done
    Elapsed time: 11 /Total program time: 11 (Total uptime: 11)

so i am not really sure what could be the problem you're experiencing.
perhaps you could provide more details about the exact error messages
you receive? or try to load the program in gmixvm and see if it works
there (or even compiling inside mixvm).  i guess you're not using tabs
instead of spaces, right?

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