Thank you for your work on the software.

I have two bug reports.  

1) If I use @math{... @code{} ...} then the HTML output does not show the 
@code{} output in monospace; it is instead in italics.  This can be fixed with 
a line of CSS.

Here is a minimal working example demo file.

\input texinfo
@settitle name-of-manual

Test test test @code{aaa} test @code{bbb}.


Test test test


I run: makeinfo --html mathtest.  The HTML output is 

<body lang="en">
<h1 class="settitle" align="center">name-of-manual</h1>

<p>Test test test <code>aaa</code> test <code>bbb</code>.
<p>Test test test


In both a recent Chrome and a recent Firefox the `aaa' and `bbb' are in 
monospace in the Test line but in italics in the em line.

I find that a fix is adding this CSS. 

code {font-style: normal; font-family: monospace}

2) I have a related report: I find that writing \\aaa inside of @math{} gives 
output in HTML that is just \\aaa.  I expected \aaa, as in PDF.  

(I find that @\aaa gives \aaa in both HTML and PDF but I understand that this 
is not the right approach.)


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