Thank you for the reply, Gavin.

It may well be slanted monospace; my eye does not extend to that.  This may be 
a simple difference of opinion but FWIW in this circumstance I expect plain 
monospace.  (I can of course leave my css in place and get what I want.)

> Don't worry about that, your mail got through unaltered. It is just
something they do to the mailing list web archives to hide email
addresses. This tends to mangle Texinfo code.

When I post a bug report I try to be a good citizen and search the list for 
prior reports of the behavior.  That includes eyeballing a couple of months 
prior.  The disguising makes it hard for an outsider such as me to do that.  
Perhaps this is a tradeoff that I don't understanc and that folks here have 
decided is the best way to go but FWIW that is my experience.


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From: Gavin Smith <>
Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2018 8:17:52 AM
To: Hefferon, James S.
Subject: Re: @code{} inside of @math{}

On 6 March 2018 at 11:50, Hefferon, James S. <> wrote:
> 1) If I use @math{... @code{} ...} then the HTML output does not show the 
> @code{} output in monospace; it is instead in italics.  This can be fixed 
> with a line of CSS.

> I run: makeinfo --html mathtest.  The HTML output is

> <p><em><code>aaa</code>+<code>bbb</code></em>

I get the same output.

> In both a recent Chrome and a recent Firefox the `aaa' and `bbb' are in 
> monospace in the Test line but in italics in the em line.

I don't get that. I get slanted monospace. Check the letter form of
the "a", if it has a hook on top it is not italics. It must depend on
the browser.

If I change the text inside @code to something else like "teest
monospace" it is easier to see that the font is monospace - see
attached image.

> I find that a fix is adding this CSS.
> code {font-style: normal; font-family: monospace}

I don't like this idea because the browser should do the right thing
with the <code> tag anyway.

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