Richard Stallman <> writes:

>   > What about a text like "Type @key{TAB} or @kbd{M-@key{TAB}}."? The
>   > former TAB would be unslanted, the latter slanted. It looks
>   > inconsistent, I would say.
> This is a miscommunication.
> Eli argued for making @key _always_ produce the nonslianted font,
> and I said I tend to agree.  If we did that, then both uses of @key in

I agree. @key{} always produces non-slanted fonts, I haven't said
anything else.

>   Type @key{TAB} or @kbd{M-@key{TAB}}.
> would be non-slanted.

It is @kbd{}, which produces a slanted "M-TAB". And this looks ugly
IMHO, combined with the non-slanted "TAB".

Best regards, Michael.

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